Giant Dream Productions

Not just attractions, but EXPERIENCEs.

Here at Giant Dream Productions, we focus on designing and building you the most engaging and interactive sets. Our designs utilize state-of-the-art technology for challenging logic puzzles and fully immersive environments that will elevate your business above competitors leaving a lasting impression on your customers. From the drawing board to our wood shop, down to installation and lighting, we oversee all parts of the fabrication process. We'll come to your site with a vision and leave behind a fully interactive world. Check out our demo reel below, or contact us to learn more.



Each of our escape room designs are tried and tested with every set installation, with us constantly working to a provide thrilling and engaging customer experience. 


Nearly every set piece we bring to your space is built to order in-house by our carpentry team at our wood shop in South Jersey, cutting down on costs and ensuring durable designs.


Our team of artists expertly creates beautiful graphics,  believable textures, and simulated weathering that will transport your customers into a different time and place.



" ...I can't express how fantastic the room looks, as well as how awesome the game play and storyline is. Please consider this company for your next room. Stellar job guys!"

--Daniel Barr, Owner of Escape Room Novi

"Giant Dream Productions is an incredible company. The people behind it are even better. Joe opened his world up to me and I am extremely thankful. Check out their page and see great work and creative talent."

--Will Edelstein

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"Giant Dream went above and beyond to accommodate my needs. I'm certain there could have been no better partner for us. Now hearing the feedback from our players, it only confirms we made the right decision."

-- Owner of Solve It Sherlock